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Content to Be Good

Content to Be Good, Called to Be Godly by Janet Denison
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Janet Denison shares her heart on why she wrote "Content To Be Good-Called To Be Godly."

Cultural Commentary

  • Thousands watch binge-eaters on a webcam

    Thousands watch binge-eaters on a webcam This headline caught my eye: "Koreans Have An Insatiable Appetite For Watching Strangers Binge Eat."  Live-streamers who consume massive amounts of calories in front of webcams (a practice known as mukbang) have become celebrities in their South Korean culture.  There are as many as 3,000 mukbang stars, some of which make up to $10,000 each month through their broadcasts.Why are they so popular?  One celebrity explains: "Viewers who watch my mukbang are on a diet.  So you call this a sort of gratification through others." […]


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